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"East of Shirley" is currently working on their second album, "The Empire's Blade." Like its predecessor, this effort will feature original compositions. It is being recorded in the hills of north-central Massachusetts, at Silvertone in Groton and at The Pond House in Ayer.

The Empires Blade Album Cover

"Outside San Diego" - c. 2008 Scott Clark - used by permission

Several pieces from this work-in-progress are offered up on the music player below. They are subject to change, radical remixing, and utter deletion at any time. Your comments are always welcome.

"Ernesto" words and music copyright Michael Clark, Tintype Tunes, 2008. "Just Let the Winter Come" words and music copyright Michael Clark and Beth Lowe, Tintype Tunes, 2008. No reproduction without permission.

As part of "The Empire's Blade" project, we are also collaborating with our "artist-in-residence" Scott Clark on developing a mixed-media production of his mixed media work "Argentine Dream." "Ernesto" provides the instrumental soundtrack for this "short-short."